Ski Touring equipment rental

in Jasna

Experience Jasna differently! 

Whether you are attracted by untouched places with fresh snow, you do not like waiting for the lift or you miss your favorite summer hiking - ski touring is just for you.

Ski touring is more and more popular every season!

RENT touring skis with skins, touring boots, telescopic poles or complete SETS.

                    We will prepare and adjust your equipment to give you the best touring experience. 

New to ski touring? Want to explore new areas?

Let our instructors to help you!

We will teach you how to use ski touring equipment properly, walk effectively and cover everything that needs to be taken care of during a ski tour in open terrain.

We will take you to interesting places in the resort outside the slopes where you can't get with ordinary skis.

Choose the perfect equipment

Ski touring skis 

for everyone

We offer skis from Austrian brand HAGAN which are stable, easy to handle, light and combine everything for maximum enjoyment from the ascent and descent.

Whether you are looking for the hike in nature or pleasure of skiing offpiste, different widths of skis will ensure satisfaction for everyone.

Perfect for your enjoyable ascent - and above all for your pleasurable descent.



Each pair of skis comes with skins which enables you to walk uphill.


Ski touring bindings

light and safe

With the unique technology, FRITSCHI bindings meet the highest expectations in terms of safety, functionality, quality and low weight, enhanced in an exclusive way.


Safety at the highest level, maximum comfort and easy step-in. 


On our skis you can find two different bindings.


Innovative solutions combining high standards of safety, power transmission and comfort weighing only 280 g per unit.

Low weight, easy entry and practical operation make the Xenic model an extremely agile binding for ski tours in any terrain.

Sophisticated technology for easy operation without compromise


Unparalleled technology of lateral front release.

Equipped with a solid heel, same as alpine bindings, it allows a much more dynamic and safer style of skiing.

The prompt release based on the preset values and the prevention of unwanted releases by the long dynamic path help to reduce injuries. 


Ski touring boots

to suit you

  The HAGAN shoes meet the most demanding criteria of functionality, reliability and comfort at an admirably low weight.

Designed to provide great mobility when ascending and excellent stability when descending.


The shell can be selectively widened to allow better adaptation to the specific needs of the foot.

Reserve your equipment in advance and get a better price

You can choose specific equipment right in Jasná, but you can reserve it now. Just decide if you are interested in the whole set or just skis, ski boots or poles.

Through reservations, you will not only get a great price, but it will make you one of the first on the slope and you will avoid waiting in line.

A few reasons to rent equipment from us,
from our customers

Helpful, friendly & great instructors. Had an awesome week in Jansa going from 0 ski experience to following Jurai down red slopes. Couldn’t recommend Crystal Ski enough!! can’t wait to go back.
I have just finished a 3 day ski course with Juraj and I have to say he is one of the best instructors I have ever had - he is very patient, helpful and happy to explain everything over and over again. I can finally say that I do enjoy skiing! Thank you!
We finished 3 days worth of lessons with Juraj yesterday and he was worth every penny. Both complete beginners and by the end of our lessons, Stephen managed to get on some red runs and I was confident enough to manage blue runs by myself. He was incredibly patient, friendly and a fantastic teacher and we would highly recommend Juraj and Crystal Ski for anyone that wants to learn to ski or improve their skills. Thank you so much!

Bring your winter vacation to life and improve your skiing experience

Improve your skiing experience also thanks to our ski school. Our instructors love winter and teach you to love it as well.

Take your skiing technique to the next level!

Progress in skiing and experience a new adventure
with our instructors

A place where you can find everything for skiing

There is also a shop where you can buy everything you need for skiing. From ski goggles, gloves, hoods, hats, neckwarmers to scarves, headbands and socks.

You can also buy souvenirs for your memories.